Sesselmann Dental Association has been family-owned and operated since 1960, which means we have been caring for multiple generations of patients for over 50 years! In that time, we have had the privilege of connecting with countless wonderful people, and we appreciate all those who have trusted our dentists for their oral health care. If you want to see what our patients have said about our dentistry in Norton Shores and Muskegon, Michigan, please see below. You may also call us at (231) 798-3431 if you have any questions!

Both are excellent dentists and even my kids love them and getting their teeth cleaned!

– Meagan M.

Been my dentist for 50 years!

– David S.

Great dentists that treat you like you are a part of the family. Highly recommend!

– Will H.

I absolutely love this place! Very friendly people and Sesselmann Jr did a fantastic job! Answered every question I had and you could tell he cares and wants the best for his patients.

– Brian W.

I broke a tooth and he got me in with an hour and half of my call. He was empathic of my nervousness, explained everything throughly. I was in & out within reasonable amt of time. I was in-between dentist, but I have found my new dentist!

– Christina C.

Great service, highly recommend!

– Nacho O.

Thanks for being a valuable dental partner! We appreciate your expertise and help with our Volunteer For Dental program!

– Jacquelyn L.

Our family moved to Muskegon in 1968. Dr. Ernest Sesselmann (Ernie) was referred to us by our dentist in Grand Rapids. Our family, including 2 little girls, enjoyed going to see Dr. E. Sesselmann. He had such a big personality and cared about his patients. Then along came Dr. Eric V Sesselmann, Sr. My husband had a great time playing basketball and racquetball with him at the old Y. Not only were father and son “keepers of our teeth” but we felt their warm friendship. Now I am the only one of our family in Muskegon. I look forward to being cared for by the third generation, Dr. Eric V. Sesselmann, Jr, especially as I have followed his life’s story since he was born. I hope to spend many more years being cared for by “The Drs. Sesselmann”. Oh, and did I forget to mention, they do excellent dental work.

– Lana B.

My first appointment with Dr. Ernie was in 1965 or 1966 when I was in business college and his office was just down the block off Apple Avenue. My husband started to go to the office a few years later after the move to Henry and Seminole. Both our first visits were due to emergency dental work needed. The service was good and we continued through all the years – the move to Henry & Seminole, then later to the current location on Henry Street. While I have only had services with Dr. Ernie and Dr. Eric Sr., my husband has received treatment from all three dentists. I’m sure I will also have an appointment with Dr. Eric, Jr. in the future. Hopefully not too soon as I really don’t like dental care on me!!!

While both our children also saw Dr. Ernie, they were eventually out on their own and due to location were forced to choose different dentists. I do remember our daughter was 3 when she first saw Dr. Ernie. She was never nicknamed Jenny, but preferred Jennifer. However, Dr. Ernie was the only one that ever called her Jenny after asking her permission. Since he had his big fingers in her tiny mouth when he asked if he could call her Jenny because he had a daughter named Jennifer, but always called her Jenny, our Jennifer could only nod her head in response to agree.

We have had most types of treatment – cleaning, fillings, root canals, crowns, etc. We have also had emergency calls – once just a few years ago over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. All services were totally satisfactory and as pain free as they could manage. Just last fall, I had a crown because a filling that was put in 25 years ago by Dr. Ernie finally gave some issues. When Dr. Eric looked on the chart, there was a note saying the filling that was put in wasn’t expected to last very long. I was satisfied with 25 years, but finally had to agree to a crown! Quality care.

Hopefully, we will live long enough to maybe have a 4th generation Sesslemann take care of our teeth.

– Karen E.

I have been a patient of the Sesselmann Dental practice for 50 years. I began seeing Dr. Ernest Sesselmann in 1969 and then continued with his son, Dr. Eric V. Sesselmann, when Dr. Ernest Sesselmann retired. I am now a patient of Dr. Eric V Sesselmann Jr.

The Sesselmann Dental practice provides excellent dental care in a very friendly and efficient office. Over the years I have had a dental implant, numerous crowns, three root canals and other dental procedures. The Sesselmanns always explained the options for every procedure and recommended what was needed to be done to ensure that I received the best dental care. They made certain that I did not experience any pain when performing the dental work which was very important to me.

Years ago I volunteered for a Delta Dental insurance review when they came to the school where I was employed. I was Delta Dental’s last appointment of the day. After examining my dental work, they told me “this was the best dental work that they had seen all day” …. a fine testimonial to the excellent dental care I knew I had been receiving.

The Sesselmanns value your time. If you have a 10:00 a.m. appointment, you will see the dentist at that time. They provide the necessary time to perform the work and give you the care you need. It is the only doctor’s office I know that is always on time with their appointments … something very rare in the medical world today.

I recently saw the newest member of this dental practice, Dr. Eric V. Sesselmann Jr. I had to have a crown done and was happy to see that all the qualities that I valued in Dr. Ernest Sesselmann and Dr. Eric V. Sesselmann Sr. were present in Dr. Eric Sesselmann Jr. He was kind, caring, and as his father and grandfather before him, did excellent work.

I would recommend this dental practice to anyone seeking a caring dentist who values you as a patient and will do his very best to provide excellent dental care. My children, my grandchildren, my brother, and a niece are all patients at the Sesselmann Dental practice. All live, as I do, over an hour away from Muskegon but feel it is worth the drive to receive excellent dental care.

– Kay Johnson

It has been some time since I first began to look to Dr. Sesselmann for care in my dental needs. I was ordained a Catholic priest in May of 1958. In September of that year I was assigned to Our Lady of Grace in Muskegon and also asked to teach religion at Catholic Central Muskegon. I had no regular dentist in the Muskegon area. At Catholic Central one of the priests teaching there was Fr. Thomas Neis. His parish was St. Joseph’s. At St Jose’s there was a young talented dentist by the name of Dr. Ernie Sesselmann. Dr. Ernie and his wife Rosemary and their young family became friends. It was about 60 years ago that I had my first dental appointment with Dr. Ernie Sesselmann.

I have continued over the last 60 years to seek dental health from Dr. Ernie and after Ernie retired I continued for the last years to call Dr. Eric Sesselmann Sr. my dentist. Over these 60 years I have been appointedd as pastor at Pat’s Portland Mich, to Blessed sacrament Allegan, To St Francis Holland, to Holy Name Wyoming and I always returned to the Sesselmanns in Muskegon for my dental needs. Why?

First of all because I found them to be excellent dentists.. They tought me to care for the health of my teeth. (I must admit that I did not listen to their good advice all the time and I suffered for it.) Secondly I found out that they cared for the wellbeing of the whole person. The friendship that developed over the 60 years allowed us to share our life journey together.

Sacred Scripture tells us that Happy is the person who finds a good friend. He is twice blessed in them. My Sessalmann dentists are excellent dentists and they and their family continue to be my friends. I thank God for them.

– Fr. Don Weber

Over the years, I have had each of the three generations work on my teeth. I had a dentist that I think should have had another occupation, and I was looking for a better one. I happened to live close to the Sesselmann office and decided to give them a try–

I am glad I went to the Sesselmanns as I am now almost 90 years old and I still have most of my teeth. Thanks gentlemen. Keep the people smiling.

– Lareta Wood

My History with Sesselmann Dental:

I grew up going to an older dentist in my small town. I have only one memory of this dentist, and that was when he pulled 2 of my molars. My gums were not frozen completely and my memory is one of pain. I have no other memories of cleanings, or having cavities filled, and I believe that was because of the one huge memory of the pain of feeling my teeth being pulled.

In 1963, I enrolled in the Muskegon Business College. I was almost 18. At some point, I reluctantly decided to go to a dentist that was recommended to me by a friend. I was truly afraid. When I met Dr. Ernie Sesselmann, I let it be known that I didn’t like “pain”. It didn’t take long for him to gain my trust. Through the years, I have learned that “excellence” is their motto in caring for their patients, as well as doing their best to make it a pain free experience.

Due to the lack of my two bottom molars, there was a gap between my teeth, causing the back teeth to tip in sideways. Dr. Ernie scheduled me for two bridges; one on each side; not only to give me more chewing capacity, but to fill in the gap causing my back teeth to tip. During the bridge procedure, I will always remember having to bite down on a stick for several minutes, and warned not to let up on the pressure. Dr. Ernie left the room and seemed to be pacing up and down the hallway. I looked at the Dental Assistant, because I couldn’t talk, and she explained to me that the doctor had a hard time knowing that his patient may be in pain. I never forgot that. He was a gentle dentist and I came to trust ONLY him. At some points through the years, I would be offered the chance to have the hygieniest clean my teeth. There was no way that was happening to me. Only Dr. Ernie knew my sensitive spots and knew how to work around them. He cared for me as if I was his own child …… he would get after me when he saw I wasn’t “flossing” like I should. He would tell me how he and his wife would floss their children’s teeth when they were too little to do a good job themselves.

Then his children grew up! Along came his son, Dr. Eric, into the practice. I told Dr. Ernie I was not going to let his son work on my teeth cuz he was new and young and might not care about my sensitive spots, which by this time, I had several. Then came the day that Ernie started working fewer hours. I was coaxed into allowing Dr. Eric clean my teeth for a particular appointment. Of course, I let him know my fears! Well, somehow he magically knew how to handle a patient like me. Now years later, I can say that Dr. Eric is also what I refer to as a “painless” dentist, just like his dad.

Then in 2018, Dr. Eric, Jr. came into the practice. I met him briefly at my August appointment. I was scheduled for my next cleaning in December. I found out later that Dr. Eric would not be available for my next cleaning as he would be out of the office for a few months. I assumed my appointment would be rescheduled. Guess not!!!! I called and was told that Dr. Eric, Jr. would be doing my cleaning. Now I had to “train” him!! With all my worry about this, I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t feel “any” pain at all, and was truly amazed at his expertise and knowledge with any questions I had.

I have been going to the Sesselmann family dentists for over 50 years, from College to Retirement. Now I know that when Dr. Eric, Sr., decides to retire, I still have Dr. Eric, Jr., that I trust and know will continue to give their patients the excellent service that began with the original Dr. Sesselmann.

– Mary Tubergen

Newly married back in the sixties I had some dental problems when my brother in law recommended Sesselmann Dental Associates, Inc

I received great dental care at affordable price for all my family. They also financially helped by letting us make timely payments and at eighty years old I still have all my teeth!

– Varney W. Milner


Sixty years ago I was looking for a dentist and a friend recommended Ernest (Ernie) Sesselman. It proved to be a wonderful choice. He advised me on the best way to maintain good dental health. My great dental care continued with his son Eric who had partnered with his father. Today, there is a third Sesselmann and I am delighted to know that I can rely on quality care continuing. Thanks for your continued quality care!

– Janet Sutherland

Our family has received the dental care of the Doctors Sesselmann for 50+ years. We have always gotten the best of care and have been served with utmost professionalism & kindness by everyone. We honestly feel the Sesselmann’s & their staff are like our second family!

–Mike & Marge Fraser

Graduating high school in 1966, I had only been to dentists to have cavities filled.

After two years in the U.S. Army, immediately after marriage, I started having dental work by my in-law’s dentist, Dr. Ernest Sesselmann. He was a U.S. Air Force veteran, as was my father in-law. He saw that the service had not done any necessary work on my teeth and he did the
paperwork needed to do it.

Over the years, Ernie got my teeth in good order. Re-filing and capping where previous dentists had left cavities underneath. Going in for regular cleanings and check-ups kept me (and my wife) from having more extensive problems.

Eric Sr. took over his dad’s practice and he continued the same good dentistry that his dad excelled at.

Having a dental emergency, Friday before leaving on a Monday for a long vacation, I saw Eric Jr. on his lunchtime. He diagnosed the situation correctly, prescribed anti-biotics Uust in case), and was available over the weekend, if needed.

For 47 years, our dentist has been named Dr. Sesselmann. We have no reason to change that, and a long history that says not to!

– Bill and Susan Gray

I grew up in Toledo, Ohio. My dental experiences there were not good. It was a painful experience referred to as “white knuckle dentistry”. The dentist in Toledo told me that by the time I was twenty years old I would lose all my teeth. We moved to Muskegon when we got married, and the first dentist in Muskegon was not filling my teeth properly. When a cold wind, or cold water, or cold food touched my teeth it would cause pain. That made me decide I had to find a new dentist.

My trips down Henry Street always took me past the office of Dr. Ernie Sesselmann which was on the corner of Henry Street and Seminole Road. I decided to call him and make an appointment. My first Appointment was April 7, 1967. I was twenty-eight years old. I am now seventy-nine. It was the best decision I could have made for the care of my teeth. He was very caring and never wanted to cause me any pain. He was angry when I told him the dentist in Toledo said that I would lose all my teeth by the time I was twenty years old. He restored my teeth. Some of them had died due to the poor care I was given when I was young plus bad eating habits. Dr. Ernie Sesselmann had to put crowns on some of them and he had to make a bridge for the front lower teeth. His work was always excellent! Having nice looking teeth made me feel good about how I looked. He also educated me on how to take good care of my teeth. When I was having work done on my teeth he would give me dental articles to read, and would always emphasize to be sure to brush my teeth correctly and be sure to dental floss.

Eventually his son, Eric, took over his practice. I remember the first time Eric worked on me he cleaned my teeth, but eventually he took over all the work on my teeth. He followed in his father’s footsteps of excellent work and is always careful not to cause pain. I feel like I am family to him. That he really does care about me and my family. I am not just a patient to him. His father made me feel the same way. I don’t think that can be said about very many doctors or dentists. Another great quality about him and his father is that if there is a patient in pain it doesn’t matter if it is a day off they come in and take care of that patient and relieve them of their pain. They did that for me many times. Sadly that isn’t always so in some dental practices today.

I haven’t had Eric, Jr. work on my teeth yet, but I have confidence that he will continue doing the great and excellent work that his grandfather and father have been doing. I have known him since he was four years old. He was always very polite, and he is very smart. His mom and dad are very proud of him and I am very happy that I will be able to continue to have the very best dental work that anybody can have. I don’t believe there are any better dentists than them. They have served me well for fifty-one years.

– Mary

It’s hard to find the words to express the love and gratitude that I have for this office and it’s dentists/associates. I’ve always felt welcome and as if I am a part of their family. A long time ago, I was so impressed by the care and courtesy that I received while being a patient in the office, that then and there I made the decision to NEVER go anywhere else. I couldn’t imagine receiving the tender care and concern from any other office. It is because of how wonderful the dentists/associates are here, that I chose to have my children come here as well. The experience that my children had was so amazing, that they then decided to bring my grandchild here. I believe that as long as this office is around, you will ALWAYS have my family as loyal patients.

– Ella Foster

Three great dentists in one family! How lucky can you get? My neighbor met Dr. Ernie at a party & I was looking for a new dentist because I needed a new bridgework. Dr. Ernie Sr. obliged. I have been very pleased with your quality of work over the years & so have my many family members that I have recommended.

– Marjorie Smith

A friend of my sisters recommended Dr. Ernest Sesselmann to them. They started going to him and were glad they did! So I started going to him, not sure what year that was – LOL –

When I married I moved out of town, but came back home in the late 1970’s, started up again with Dr. Ernest Sesselmann because I like his work!

Everytime I had an appointment, he would greet me by saying, in his loud, boisterous voice, “Mother Theresa” I would chuckle thinking, yeah right – LOL – He was a wonderful caring person – I miss him so! – I knew Dr. Eric Sesselmann Sr. would be a great Dentist because of his dad. He was proud of you following in his footsteps, just like you are with your son Eric Sesselmann Jr. I will continue with you until the end. – Marvelous work –

I am proud of both of you!!!!

– Theresa Rivera